Phase 1 (first 50 Lots)

We plan to develop Phase 1 first. We feel breaking the project into phases will keep the area aesthetically pleasing and allow Lot owners to move in quicker.

Phase 1 will include beginning at the meticulously maintained landscaped entrance,  state-of-art keyless entry gate, a true security guard shack, and security golf carts. Phase 1 restrooms will include men’s/women’s showers and restroom facilities. The Park will include “selfie stations” showcasing metal artwork of the UGA Arches, a 4 ft. statue of the mascot UGA, and 3 flagpoles with UGA, USA, and BE flags on display. There will be a pet sanctuary where pet owners can take their pets to play and, most importantly, a controlled place to use the restroom. 

Phase 2 (Approx. 110 Lots in the rear)

Lot owners may access Phase 1 to Phase 2 from crossing a wooden golf cart bridge, a nature trail, or the replica Nelson Bridge from The Master’s. The main Pavilion which is located in Phase 2 will be slightly larger. It will have more urinals and more showers. Also, the pavilion will have a large outdoor sitting area for Lot owners to tailgate or watch a game on the giant projector screen. 

Located on every corner, as well as throughout the Park, there will be real time security cameras. Lots will include stamped concrete, electric, cable, water, and wifi.  AAA Sanitation Trash services will pick up trash twice a week during football season and once a week in the off season. There will be a trash can for every two Lots. There will not be a dumpster.  Just as in Bulldog Park, Stephens Limousine Service shuttle buses will pick up BE just as they currently do in BP.  Contracts have already been finalized.

I hope that gives you a brief look into Bulldog Estates.


Kimberly Smith

P.O. Box 2024, Acworth, Ga. 30102